CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Chicago State University students are facing a frigid problem. No hot water in their dorm rooms.

They haven’t had any hot water at all for two weeks, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports in this Original Report.  

This is the latest problem to pop up at the embattled university, which underwent lay-offs and a forced early graduation just last spring due to state funding issues.

And many students aren’t happy about it.

No hot water has come out of any residence hall faucets for two weeks.

No hot water means dorm residents have to walk to other campus buildings to shower. It also means the dorm cafeteria is shut down, forcing Chicago State to cater meals at times that don’t work for all students.

“We don’t have money to pay for this,” a group says while on their way to a nearby fast food joint. “We’re paying to live in the dorms. It kind of seems like they’re not really in a hurry to fix the hot water issue.”

Room and board for dorm residents is more than $8,700 a year.

“We expect to have a solution in five to seven business days,” says Housing Director Tim Lee, acknowledging students’ frustration. He blames the problem on an underground pipe leak.

But signs of work at the university are scarce.

“They’ve also told us it could be three more weeks,” a resident says.

But not all residents are upset.

“We’re being definitely accommodated,” one says.

Lee says Chicago State officials are looking into the possibility of some sort of compensation for students living in the dorms facing the issues.

But what still isn’t clear is why the problem is taking so long to fix.