(CBS) The Cubs’ clinching of the NL Central came in anti-climatic fashion Thursday night. With a chance to get the job done on its own accord, Chicago fell 5-4 to Milwaukee at Wrigley Field, meaning it officially became the divisional champion about 90 minutes later when rival St. Louis lost 6-2 at San Francisco.

Most of the Cubs players cleared out of the clubhouse after their game, with manager Joe Maddon already planning the division title celebration after the conclusion of Friday afternoon’s game. Veteran catcher David Ross did too, but he wasn’t quite ready to go home. He wanted to take in the scene around Wrigleyville, so he went for a walk — that ended with a celebratory shot.

“It was pretty low key,” Ross said on the Mully and Hanley Show on Friday morning. “I took the train in yesterday to the field, so afterward I got a little workout in to try and let the crowd clear out and walked home. I walked about halfway home and just kind of poked my head into the window of some of the bars and would check the (Cardinals-Giants) score and saw they had pretty comfortable lead. Then once we clinched and St. Louis lost, I walked into the bar, threw a shot back and hopped in a cab the rest of the way home. It was pretty uneventful.”

A bit surprisingly, Ross said he navigated the area without really being recognized.

“Last night, nobody knew,” Ross said. “They had no idea. The bartender gave me a free shot. I guess he recognized me. I got a free shot from him and just kept on cruising. He actually took one with me, so it was a good little night, a good little along thing I did. We’ll have a lot more celebrating going on after the game today.”

So what was Ross’ shot of choice?

“I went with Jameson,” he said. “I wanted to do a little Chicago treat. I couldn’t let a clinch go by without throwing down just a little bit of alcohol.”

Ross rides the train to Wrigley Field from time to time and enjoys it. He often does so with sunglasses, part of the reason he’s not so easily recognizable.

“When you get on the train and see all these Cubs jerseys and nobody knows who you are and there’s Bryant and Rizzo and Russell and Schwarber and all these cool jerseys and people are getting out and they’re talking about the game and what’s to come, it just makes me laugh,” Ross said. “Because when you’re in that stadium and we go to work every day, you’re kind of confined to what’s inside that stadium.

“I don’t ever want to take that for granted — I want to take that energy in for a second. It was a lot of fun.”

Listen to Ross’ full interview below.