(CBS) New Bulls shooting guard and Robbins native Dwyane Wade plans to be introduced pregame as with the line “from Chicago, Illinois,” he said Wednesday.

Wade is a Marquette product, and many players use their colleges during pregame introductions. The “from Chicago” part of slogan will be familiar, as that’s what Derrick Rose, from Englewood, used during his eight years with the Bulls before being traded tot he Knicks in June.

“From Chicago, Illinois,” Wade said. “Simple as that. I thought about the whole Marquette University thing. It would be cool to have two guys coming out from Marquette University, but I think coming back to the city, just hearing ‘From Chicago, Illinois,’ will be good to me. I did it so many ways in Miami I think I’ve heard it every way. I did it from Robbins one year, I did it from Marquette, and I did it from Chicago one year so I know what they sound like.”

Rose traditionally was introduced last while with the Bulls. It’s not clear who will be introduced last now with him gone. There’s a school of thought that it will be two-time All-Star Jimmy Butler, of whom Wade has previously said, “This is Jimmy Butler’s team.”

Either way, Wade isn’t concerned.

“That’s not our choice,” Wade said. “I don’t even know who’s choice that is around here. In Miami, that wasn’t our choice either. They make the decisions. You don’t get involved in all that. You get involved from the player’s standpoint. I don’t care. At the end of the day, you just want to come out, get introduced and get the love from the fans and get the game going. First, second, third, fourth, fifth, it’s all good.”

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