(CBS) – A creepy clown is not coming to Oswego to cause trouble, authorities say.

School District 308 officials on Monday dispelled rumors spread via social media involving a “clown persona” who supposedly had his eye on Thompson Junior High School and Traughber Junior High School.

“School and district administration immediately investigated the claims and were able to determine it was a hoax,” the district said in a news release. “We ask parents and students to be cautious of what they share via social media. We appreciate students and parents alerting the schools to any potential threats.”

Officials did not offer specifics, but the website OnlyOswego posted a story pointing to an Instagram post by “Bobby the Clown” – with a sinister, shadowy image of a clown – that said the character was coming to downtown Oswego at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and that residents “better be ready.”

This Instagram post may have sparked fears in Oswego that a "creepy clown" was on the way. (bobbytheclown5062/Instagram)

This Instagram post may have sparked fears in Oswego that a “creepy clown” was on the way. (bobbytheclown5062/Instagram)

It’s the latest example of sinister clown figures — or “creepy clowns” — unnerving people. For months, people have reported clowns acting in menacing ways or allegedly trying to lure children.

Last year, CBS 2’s Dave Savini did a report on someone dressed up as a clown trespassing at a Chicago cemetery at night.

Clown At Rosehill Cemetery


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