CHICAGO (CBS) — Some 400,000 parents got an email none wanted. Chicago Public School teachers can strike on Oct. 11, one week from today.

And now, CPS is out with its contingency plan, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, which is different from the last major strike in 2012.

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CPS is sending a clear message to parents that they need to make plans.

Here’s what you need to know about CPS’ own contingency plans, available on the CPS website, if teachers walk out:

  • Unlike in 2012, all 516 schools will remain open.
  • All classes and extra curricular activities will be canceled.
  • All will serve breakfast and lunch.
  • All will have activities and offer online learning

CPS officials say they made the decision to keep all schools open after principals and parents said it would be easier to manage the students. CPS plans to man the schools with educators from the central office, though they obviously can’t replace the 25,000 teachers and support staff normally in the classroom.

The contingency plan got both praise and criticism from parents.

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“It’s great to have a contingency plan to have all the schools open, because it’s a lot of violence happening in Chicago. It keeps some of these kids off the street,” parent Larry Hendrix says.

Another parent is skeptical about the plan. “What’s the point if they’re not learning,” he asks. “If they’re not learning, there’s no since in them being in school, right” parent Maurice Bell asks.

“It’s time to start putting something into place now…getting the children situated and make up for any loss that might transpire moving forward,” another parent says.

Sources tell CBS 2 Chicago that as negotiations continue Wednesday, the 40-member bargaining team will meet with union leaders and members of the CPS bargaining team, and they get a chance to ask questions and make recommendations.

All bargaining team members are being told to keep their schedules clear for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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Dorothy Tucker