CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of people who have “cheated death” will be getting together for a special “Big Saves” reunion on Saturday in Maywood.

The reunion is between the medical staff at the Loyola University Medical Center trauma unit and patients whose lives were saved in the past year or more.

“On those times that you can see those patients that you helped, it’s just good to see them,” said trauma surgeon Dr. John Santaniello.

Beatrice Garcia’s 4-year old son Delfino was rushed to the Loyola trauma center a year ago, after he fell head-first onto concrete from the top of a bounce house ladder at a block party.

“When there is nothing you can do to get to your child that quickly, when you’re even standing that close, it’s devastating. It’s such a terrible feeling,” she said.

Delfino suffered a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and a swollen eye. Garcia said she heard of a child who had suffered the same kind of injury and did not live, but she said Delfino has “100 percent recovered.”

Among those who’ll be at the reunion are those who’ve been in bad car accidents, people who’ve been shot and others.

A Loyola University Medical Center spokeswoman said those invited to the “Big Saves” reunion have “cheated death” and are in an elite club they never would have wanted to be in.