CHICAGO (CBS) — A top city official said Tuesday there needs to be a tighter rein on valet companies, after a recent investigation revealed two-thirds of them were violating city ordinances.

At a budget hearing at city hall, Business Affairs Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek told downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) an enforcement check of valet parking operations found a lot of illegally parked cars, and other problems with valet companies.

“We had 388 valet businesses that were investigated. Only a third of those were deemed in compliance,” she said. “So that means two-thirds were out of compliance.”

Reilly said he wasn’t surprised at that figure.

According to Lapacek, the city issued $300,000 in fines for various violations — including problems with valet licenses, improper signs, and illegally parked cars.

Lapacek said the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has been working to tighten up city ordinances regulating valet parking, and Reilly said the city needs more inspectors for that, and other reasons.

“You’re the head of all things regulatory and enforcement-related as far as our world goes, and I don’t think you should be forced to have to pick and choose between missions or priorities. You should have the resources you need to execute the job. You’ve got an excellent staff. I want to give you more firepower. I think you need it,” he said.

It will be up to the City Council to decide on the department’s budget as aldermen pore over Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s spending plan for 2017.