CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s an exciting night for Cubs fans around Chicago. But with the game sharing a time slot with the final presidential debate, viewers have been busy flipping around, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

Forget the “W” flag in one local bar. Instead, the faces of two presidential candidates graced the Gold Coast bar, for its debate watch party.

“We wanted a little different spin on tonight’s events,” said one of the owners of Coconutz Chicago General Manager Heather Hammack says. “There’s people who don’t watch Chicago sports religiously, so we’ve got to have a home for everybody.”

There was no baseball for patrons at Lincoln Square’s Perfect Cup coffee shop either.

“I feel obligated to watch the debate,” said Chicago resident Kristin Brody.

Howard Kambara said the same, saying he’ll catch up with the Cubs later. “Because it’s a West Coast game, I can catch the Cubs after the debate.”

That was the plan for baseball coach Jon Rappoport. However he kept flipping back and forth between the debate and the game.

“I think I’m going to be hitting the previous channel button a lot tonight,” he said.

The Cubs not be the only thing making him nervous.

The decision much easier for others.

“I want to watch the Cubs game,” Graham Hadland, a 3rd grader said.

As for young Asher, he said “My parents don’t let me watch, because they think it’s a little to, like, grown up.”