CHICAGO (CBS) – It has been 71 years since the Cubs have made an appearance in the World Series.

The last time the Cubs played in the World Series was in 1945. Game 7 was played here and a young Jim Mowery was inside hoping for a Cubs victory, CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports.

“It was a long night, drizzly night,” Mowery said.

The 83-year old Cub’s fan proudly remembers Oct. 10 against the Detroit Tigers.

Jim Mowery , 83-year-old Cubs fan (CBS)

Jim Mowery , 83-year-old Cubs fan (CBS)

“To this day, I do not know why they started Hank P.,” Mowery said. “Before the inning was over, we were down five nothing, not exciting.”

Mowery was 12-year old then. World War II just ended and Harry Truman was president. In 1945, it was not a big deal for the Cubs to be in the World Series.

“In previous 16 years, Cubs were in the World Series five times, and 1945,” Mowery said.

The World Series ticket back then cost him $1.50.

Come Friday, to sit in the same section will cost roughly $4,000 on StubHub if you buy now.

Mowery thinks he ranks at the top of the list as a Cubs fan.

“I was always a Cubs fan,” Mowery said. “Some of the players would room in my aunt’s building. Start at 3 p.m., make your own score cards.”

And his prediction for this World Series?

“I think the Cubs will win in six,” Mowery said. “I wish four, but I think six.”

“The great thing about this team compared to 1945, those players were older than 35, this team will go longer.”

And seven decades later, it comes full circle for Jim Mowery.

On Friday night for Game 3, he will be inside Wrigley Field hoping for a victory.