By Laurence W. Holmes–

(CBS) Since the beginning of the playoffs, I’ve made my feelings pretty clear about the Cubs. I hope that they win the World Series. Even though I root for the South Side nine, I spelled it all out in a column last month.

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I’ve been pretty pleased that there are other White Sox fans who feel the same. Look, I get it — if you want to abstain from the World Series, do so, but if you just need a little push to join the rest of us, I’m here for you. It’s pretty simple and it goes like this:

(Bleep) Cleveland!

Yeah, that’s right. While there are dead-ender White Sox fans who want to hold on to a non-existent rivalry with the Cubs, realize that one of your actual rivals is their opponent. In four out of the last five seasons, we’ve sat here while the Tigers, Royals and Indians have won the American League. And they did that partially on the necks of the White Sox.

2012 Tigers: 12-6 vs. White Sox
2014 Royals: 13-6 vs. White Sox
2015 Royals: 12-7 vs. White Sox
2016 Indians: 11-8 vs. White Sox

Back-of-the-envelop math says that’s a 48-27 record against the White Sox for three AL Central rivals who won the pennant over the last five seasons.

Even if it wasn’t the Cubs, I’d be rooting for the National League team in this Fall Classic. Is it petty? Yeah, but it’s petty for a good cause. There’s already enough chest thumping coming out of Kansas City. With the Royals’ made-up players like Whit Merrifield and Cheslor Cuthbert and their seven-run ninth innings against the White Sox? We can’t have that going on with Cleveland too.

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The world’s biggest meatball White Sox fan, our president, has figured out that it’s OK for the Cubs to do their thing.

Yeah, POTUS is flying the W. And if he’s on board, you should be too, cause he’s a White Sox crazy person.

The White Sox as an organization showed a lot of class congratulating the Cubs on Saturday night. Even if they did it though gritted teeth, they did it and that’s a step in the right direction.

Follow their lead. Let’s show some class to our friendly neighbors eight miles north. And let’s show some disdain for another AL Central bully that’s been kicking sand in our face. Yeah, the Indians are good, real good. Their pitching is amazing and the prospect of watching Francisco Lindor terrorize the White Sox for the next 15 years isn’t fun, but enough is enough.

City before division.

For the next week, let me add some White Sox fan anger to stoke the fire of the Cubs bandwagon. (Bleep) Cleveland! Go Cubs Go!

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Oh and Namaste!