CHICAGO (CBS) – Three teenagers were shot to death in two drive-by shootings over the weekend.

Most likely, the teens were all innocent bystanders, according to authorities.

The shootings that took these young lives happened miles apart. Each a victim of violence in different corners of the city.

The front porch of an Austin apartment unexpectedly links three teenagers, each on the right path, and killed in separate instances. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.

14-year-old Demarco Webster was called a standout, an honors student, and role model.

14-year-old Demarco Webster (CBS)

14-year-old Demarco Webster (CBS)

Early Saturday, he was moving furniture out of the apartment he shared with his father, when two gunmen opened fire in a drive-by shooting.

“I saw my son on the ground,” cried Demarco Webster, Sr. “Saying I got to get up.”

Devastated, his family is now seeking information to identify the suspects.

“My son was a young boy who was infatuated with math and basketball,” Webster Sr. said. “My son was not a street kid. It was our environment that took him under.”

In a separate incident, 17-year-old twins, Edward and Edwin Bryant were killed over the weekend.

17-year-old twins, Edward and Edwin Bryant (CBS)

17-year-old twins, Edward and Edwin Bryant (CBS)

Police said neither was in a gang, but they were gunned down in an Old Town drive-by shooting on Sunday morning.

Ironically, the twins lived in Austin, just next door to Demarco’s mother. The two families are now grieving.

“This is a city that swallows kids,” Webster Sr. said. “Innocent kids die all the time.”

All three boys are among the 17 people shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend.

Police continue to investigate. Anyone with any information is urged to come forward.

Vince Gerasole