By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — On this Veteran’s Day, as we celebrate American heroes, CBS 2 went in search of someone who nearly sacrificed it all, for his take on a country so divided.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards found him at O’Hare International Airport.

Sergeant Brian Anderson is reporting home. He is a veteran with a visible sacrifice.

“I lost both of my legs below the knee and my left hand,” Anderson said.

The Rolling Meadows native, returning from advocating for employment for other vets.

“We need to be looked at as assets and not casualties of war,” Anderson said.

The day he flew out for basic training was 9-11. It was his second tour in Iraq. That day changed his life.

“I got blown up at the end of my second year,” Anderson said.

On this Veteran’s Day, he speaks about the recent election and how the divided country must stick together.

“I am an American first,” Anderson said. “I do not want to see our country fall apart because of who we elected.”

“Granted, we have every right to protest and all of that, but we held an election,” Anderson said. “And we elected Donald Trump. We have to stand behind that, you know. Our country, in a way, is kind of like a dysfunctional family, but we are a family and you have to stick together.”

With trusty service dog, Miya, Anderson soldiers on – as a soldier always does.

According to CNN exit polls, veterans voted nearly two-to-one for Trump over Clinton.