(CBS) — Nine people were injured after an attacker intentionally drove over a curb into a group of pedestrians, and then got out and began stabbing people.

Ohio officials said it appears this is possibly an act of terrorism, and the FBI and ATF have been sent in to help investigate.

CBS News has confirmed the suspect, who was fatally shot by police, is 18-year-old Abdul Ali Artan, a Somali refugee who was a student at the university.

Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone said, despite initial reports of a shooting, police have found no evidence a firearm was used.

Police said the attack happened outside Watts Hall about 9:40 a.m., when a man drove his vehicle over a curb into a group of people on a street corner.

The suspect then got out of his vehicle and began stabbing people with a butcher knife. Police shot and killed the suspect a short time later.

“Victim injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated,” the university said in a statement on its website.

Emergency officials said some of the victims have undergone surgery, but none of their injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

Although initial reports indicated there might have been two suspects, police said they believe there was only one attacker.

The emergency managment agency for the university sent out this tweet Monday morning.

Students and faculty were told to shelter in place as police responded. That order was lifted later in the morning as the campus was secured. Classes were canceled for the day.

Columbus Police, Ohio State police and deputies with the Franklin County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to campus.

Sophomore Wyatt Crosher told CNN that he heard gunfire, possibly from a class building across the street.

“My roommate and I heard about three or four gunshots from across the street,” he said. Police later determined that no gun was used in the attack, but OSU police officer Alan Horujko fatally shot the suspect.

Students posted pictures on social media of barricaded classrooms.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued the following statement via Twitter, “Ohio’s thoughts and prayers go out to the Ohio State community. Be safe, listen to first responders.”

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