CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents searching for one of this year’s hottest toys didn’t let the winter storm keep them away.

It’s the toy kids are asking Santa for, but stores can’t keep up.

As the date draws closer to Christmas, persistent parents have been calling store after store, and waiting for hours before stores open each day, with no guarantee because stores may be getting just a dozen Hatchimals on their delivery truck, or less.

Parents stood in line outside Target stores in the South Loop and Downtown on Sunday morning, hoping to score one of this year’s hottest toys, Hatchimals, WBBM’s Michele Fiore reports.

“Ever since the week of Black Friday, it has been non-stop of calls and parents coming in every single morning looking for them,” said Rebecca Garcia, Target store manager at State and Madison.

Parents even pushed through this weekend’s snow to try to score one. Garcia said a line started forming two hours before they opened, even though the store doesn’t guarantee Hatchimals are on the delivery truck from day to day.

“So we have been getting shipments on a daily basis with different quantities,” Garcia said. “So we are not sure how much we are going to have the next day.”

If you’re not the kind to stand in line for hours, Target’s offering a Hatchimals gift card.

The drawback? It won’t be under the tree. But, you can exchange the gift card for the toy, after the holidays are over.