CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s newest police recruit might not be tall enough to reach the pedals on a squad car, but he definitely means business.

Three-year-old David Juarez was sworn in as an honorary officer at Chicago Police Headquarters on Wednesday, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

David is a cancer patient and wants to be a police officer, so the Police Department and Make-A-Wish made it happen.

“They have really pulled out the stops for David today,” Make-A-Wish Illinois spokeswoman Jessica Miller said. “He’s met a lot of great officers, and folks who are wishing him well, and I think everyone is having a great time being a part of David’s wish.”

Supt. Eddie Johnson told David they were going to go lock up some bad guys before sending David off for a full day of police duties with a salute and a police motorcade.

Miller said David got a tour of the CPD motorcycle garage, and got to check out a police helicopter and police boat.

“There will be some monsters that he can fight now that he’s officially sworn in. David was really inspired by a movie he loves, called Zootopia. The officers in that movie fight the monsters,” she said.

David recently completed successful cancer treatment before his wish was granted.