CHICAGO (CBS) — A mix of freezing rain and snow resulted in nearly 500 accidents on Indiana roadways between Friday night and Saturday morning, but one accident turned into a night a paramedic will never forget.

David Peck and his partner were in their ambulance on I-865, heading back to a hospital in Crawfordsville. WBBM’s Andy Dahn reports.

“Right as the ice storm was hitting,” Peck said. “And hitting pretty hard.”

They were about 100 yards behind what Peck described as a “small tour bus.”

“It started fishtailing and went into a ditch. As soon as it hit the ditch, it flipped.”

The two immediately called in for assistance, expecting the worst.

“10, 15, 20 patients,” Peck said. “Something along those lines.”

But when they opened a door, they found a pleasant surprise.

“We open it and it’s just puppies,” Peck said. “It’s crates and crates of puppies.”

Peck said the driver and passenger, who suffered only minor injuries, were taking the rescue dogs, all 80 of them, back to Illinois.

Peck and his partner were able to corral and hold onto those that had gotten out of their crates until local fire officials arrived on the scene. On a night he called the most dangerous he’s seen in 12 years on the job, it certainly included a high note.

“I didn’t expect puppies, so that was kind of relief.”