CHICAGO (CBS) – If you are sitting in the brutal cold weather on Saturday to watch the three-and-10 Bears host the Packers, you are either a true fan, a little crazy or both.

As CBS 2’s Ed Curran said, the kickoff temperature is expected to be below zero and the wind chills will be even worse.

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres is at Soldier Field, where the Bears are facing the Packers.

Thousands are going to watch the game in those conditions, though tickets are going for 50 percent or more below face value. Some even got tickets for free and are actually looking forward to the game.

The forecast calls for temperatures of one-below-zero at kickoff and wind chills of negative 20 throughout the game.

The Bears game could be one of the coldest NFL games on record. The coldest game on record at Soldier Field was on Dec. 18, 1983. Ironically also against the Packers. The high that day was three degrees, with a wind chill of negative 15.

To prepare for the game, players practiced outside on Thursday when it was three degrees out and many of them practiced without sleeves, a long standing tradition in Chicago.

Head Coach John Fox does not think either team will be bothered by the cold, but they are definitely watching the weather closely.

Head Coach John Fox said, “if wind is flat, do not see it bothering very much, just a race to the heaters when you come off the field.”

“You are going to get hurt cold,” said Kevin Mills. “We’ve got a game plan, we’re going to be smart about it, but you have to support the team. We are strong people, we are going to win and beat the Packers.”

Bears Defensive Lineman, Akiem Hicks said, “It’s mental, get over that hump, you’ll be just fine.”

It is definitely good to have a game plan. Doctors said it is not a good idea to drink alcohol to keep warm, as it can actually make you colder.

The Bears plan on doubling their warming centers from two to four throughout the game. They will also double their medical teams and add hot drink sale spots.