By Audrina Bigos

(CBS) — Some Northwest Side neighbors are rallying together after an alleged package thief is caught on camera.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports from the Dunning community.

Marc Serwatka shares surveillance video. A man is seen walking up to the porch last week, near Waveland and Oleander. The man bends over the package. You can hear him opening the box and rummaging through it.

He takes what’s inside the box – a $50 snow blower part — and then walks away.

“He’s opening the box like he lives here. It’s just believable,” Serwatka says.

Now, he and his neighbors are rallying together.

They’ve created a community watch group, which met Wednesday.

Donna Fritz says residents should keep an eye out for people who are “scoping out” the neighborhood by sitting in cars.

Chicago police say there have been 13 package thefts in the 16th District this month.

If you need to report a package missing, police say call 3-1-1. If you have information that could help police find the person responsible call police directly.