CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re planning to buy a bottle or two of something to celebrate the new year, you don’t have to make things complicated.

Kristen Ellis, Wine Education and Events Coordinator for Binny’s Beverage Depot, said the bottom line is not to worry what anyone else will think.

“The most important rule, I think, is if you like it, then drink it. I mean, don’t worry about what other people think,” she said.

Ellis admitted choices can be overwhelming when you step into a beverage store, so she said you shouldn’t fear asking questions; liquor stores like Binny’s can help answer questions you have. She also said you can turn that mind-boggling feeling into a fun game.

“Just work on trying as many different wines as you can to find out what you like; so it sort of takes the intimidation away, and you kind of get to be more of an explorer in that sense,” Ellis said.

As for prices, Ellis said there are prices at just about everyone’s level. She said sparkling wines start at about $8 a bottle, while champagne goes for about $25 dollars and up. Champagne is sparkling wine that specifically comes from the Champagne province of France.

Sparkling wine from Spain is called cava, while it’s called prosecco when it’s from Italy.