By Roseanne Tellez

(CBS) — Before we ring in the new year, we felt there were some other stories worth a second look. Some of the happy tales in 2016 involve regular people from the Chicago area.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez does the honors.

The year 2016 brought plenty of heartwarming medical miracles.

Baby Ava back at home, with a brand new heart after 111 days in the hospital.

-A tiny baby in dire need of a transplant, found a liver donor in just 40 minutes.

-And conjoined twins who underwent a 27-hour surgery were successfully separated yet remain inseparable.

From miracles to missions: Some Chicago doctors showed us medical equipment donated and delivered to Syria to help the bombing victims.

And from serious to silly: One Chicago teacher made us smile with his rapping welcome to his fourth-grade class.

And then there was the awesome dog, Sporty by name, that walks himself on Chicago’s river walk.

We saw the kindness of strangers. Like the two guys who spotted a popsicle vendor in Little Village. A Go Fund Me effort raised more than $384,000 and a smile worth even more.

How about these smiles? A young shooting victim, swimming in a pool donated by a police officer to help wash away the memory.

Some nice gestures were completely unexpected – like donations raised for the family of a pregnant woman killed by gunfire. The kind gesture came from some Cook County inmates moved by the thought of a baby in need and with no mom.

And a story that proved people care. A 9-year-old stood-up by all 12 RSVP’s at his birthday party was later inundated with love and friendly gestures.

There were many, many more stories of generosity and kindness. These were just a few.

We hope to bring you many more in 2017.

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