(CBS) — Neighbors in the Northwest Indiana community of St. John are concerned that two strangers in a vehicle tried to offer a child candy.

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres reports.

St. John police aren’t calling it an attempted kidnapping, but they say it’s suspicious, based on surveillance video of the incident that occurred Tuesday.

“It was my worst nightmare: My son came into the house, and he said, ‘Mommy, some bad guys tried to lure me into their car,’” says parent Vanessa Jacobs.

She says she was skeptical at first, thinking maybe her child had misunderstood.

Then, a neighbor in the 8900 block of Winding Trail showed her surveillance video of a gray pickup truck pulling up next to her son. A passenger in the truck then rolls down the window.

Jacobs says he son tells her they offered him candy. “He says he said, ‘No way,’ and took off,” she says.

St. John police say the driver of the pickup truck followed a school bus for a short distance and then disappeared.

Jacobs says this was an upsetting experience for her family, but she’s glad she prepared her son to confront this type of situation.

“He made me so proud he did what he was supposed to do.”

Police say the truck is a gray GMC Sierra hybrid. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.