(CBS) – Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush likened the lingering, bitter political feud between Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan to “Godzilla versus King Kong.”

Rush, a Chicago Democrat, made his comments during a news conference Thursday about the hardships that social-service agencies and low-income people are suffering as state government’s unpaid bills pile up.

 The state is $11 billion in arrears for all bills, Rush said.

“While these two despots are engaged in war, I am reminded of a movie I used to see called Godzilla vs. King Kong,” Rush said in a prepared statement. “There were two giant monsters fighting for power and destroying the city of Tokyo as a result of it. They were wiping out homes and businesses and wreaking havoc on the people of the city.

“Madigan and Rauner are like King Kong and Godzilla and they are destroying Illinois.”

The continuing budget deadlock in Springfield stems largely from the enmity between Rauner, a Republican who wants pro-business reforms before he’ll OK any tax increase, and Madigan, a Democrat who controls the House. The Illinois Senate is working on bipartisan budget bills, hoping to reach a compromise.