CHICAGO (CBS) — Legal representatives of the Mexican Consulate of Chicago are telling illegal immigrants to not open their doors if they don’t recognize who’s knocking.

WBBM’s Michele Fiore reports.

Representatives from the Mexican Consulate of Chicago and the Illinois Attorney General’s office met with the public for four hours at the Little Village Community Council of Chicago. They answered a variety of questions, including what will happen to the U.S. citizen children of deported illegal immigrants.

The Consulate suggested parents apply for dual citizenship for their kids. If the family has to move to Mexico, the children will have opportunities for services under the Mexican government, such as school and health care.

The reps also discussed what personal information immigrants should give authorities if stopped.

“Your true name, your true birthday, your true address. Never, never provide false information, because it’s a crime,” said Ureel Mendes of the Mexican Consulate of Chicago.

The consulate said many people have wondered what to do if somebody they suspect is an immigration and customs agent knocks on their door. They suggest not answering the door to avoid the confrontation.

“They’ll ask you, ‘do you want to go home?’ And people will say, ‘yes, I want to go home.’ They’ll make you sign a document, and that document is to deport you,” said Balthazar Enrique of the Little Village Community Council.

The Little Village Community Council said the purpose of the event was to educate the public. They hope to plan another one in the future.

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