CHICAGO (CBS) — The Department of Homeland Security’s move to deport more undocumented immigrants is getting a mixed reaction in Chicago.

Fred Tsao, Senior Policy Counsel for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, says the increased enforcement will disrupt communities and businesses and separate families.

He calls the expedited removal of those here illegally “particularly troubling” because not everybody carries the proper documentation and people here legally could get caught up.

Tea Party member Brian Kovack of Aurora says DHS and the President are making “prudent choices.”

He says enforcing existing immigration laws will help save the country money and keep it safer.

His top priority would be the removal of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

As for the added cost of hiring more immigration enforcement agents and judges to expedite deportations, Kovach says the government is already spending a lot to hear those cases.

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago calls the moves “unjust policies.”

In a statement, the group says, “Rejecting refugees, banning Muslims, and building walls do not improve our immigration policies, rather, these executive orders tear away at the very fabric of what makes America great.”