By Derrick Blakley

(CBS) – Gov. Bruce Rauner contends he’s working with the Trump White House to attack crime in Illinois.

Just who he’s working with he won’t say, and Rauner continues to try to distance himself from the new administration.

CBS 2 Political Reporter Derrick Blakley has more.

President Trump met with at least 46 of the nation’s governor’s today, fellow Republican Rauner wasn’t there.

Rauner returned to Chicago Sunday night, after spending the weekend huddling with other Republican governors.

“I have personally been in communication with members of the Trump administration on the violence issue — the folks who are developing the policy,” he says.

Unclear is what policy that is. Rauner would not elaborate, nor say who he met from the Trump administration.

What’s clear is Rauner still hasn’t met with President Trump, unlike Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a host of other governors.

Because he wasn’t with Trump on Monday, Rauner missed another trump verbal barrage directed at the state’s biggest city.

It’s no secret Rauner is not exactly fond of the president. He didn’t endorse him, skipped the inauguration, and refuses to even use the words “President” and “Trump” together.

It’s fair to ask if avoiding Trump is helping Rauner. A new poll shows Rauner losing in 2018, to an un-named generic Democrat by about 15 points.

Derrick Blakley