(CBS) — It sounds a little like “The Jetsons,” but we could flying in our cars some day.

Airbus and Italdesign are working on “Pop.Up,” a car that flies – or appears to. It’s part car, part drone.

Here’s how it would work for you if you’re stuck in heavy traffic: A helicopter-like vehicle would pick up motorists by extracting a pod, or cabin, from a wheeled chassis.

“The helicopter-like vehicle will pick you up out of this little pod, pick your car up with a pod on top of the wheels, remove the pod from the top of the wheels — which is left in traffic — and take you to your destination,” says Paul Hochman, president of Humongous Media.

The technology guru tells WBBM’s Noon Business Hour the car-drone apparatus is an answer for growing congestion in big cities and could be on the road in the next decade or so.