By Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mom and jeans. When did these two words, when used together, come to symbolize the very worst stereotypes about women who have and raise children?

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The latest offenders are the Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans, which are now for sale on the Nordstrom website. The jeans have what appear to be plastic wrap stitched across large gaps that stretch from right under the knee to mid-thigh. Talk about a fashion fail.

I am trying to picture the meeting in which fashion professionals determined that plastic knee jeans deserve to be named after people who create and nurture life.

Who looked at the denim fabric, plastic, the capri hemline, high waist, zipper, and button and declared, “Oh, yes. These scream MOM.”

I would like to recommend, or perhaps plead, with the fashion industry to get to know women who have kids. The first thing you will discover is that we do not kneel all day.

We run companies.

We fight to be seen as equals.

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We are politically active and intellectually curious.

We’re tired of your stereotypes.

I’m ready to give all the money in my wardrobe budget to the clothing company that gets it.

To the clothing company that makes their mom-labeled clothes the hottest and most stylish options they offer.

I can bet my mom friends will do the same.

Come on, clothing companies. Ditch the lame, dated and tired phrase. Throw out the jeans with the sandwich bags over the knees.

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Wow us. We’re here. Impatiently waiting.