CHICAGO (CBS) — This latest round of snow is causing travel problems at both of the Chicago-area airports, with cancellations and delays at O’Hare and Midway.

There have been 914 cancellations at O’Hare and 67 cancellations at Midway.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams was at O’Hare to see how travelers are dealing with the winter wonderland, and accordingly, it’s with a lot of patience and persistence.

And it also pays to have a good friend handy.

Mariana Torres’ trip to Albany, New York from Monterrey, Mexico included a layover at O’Hare. What was originally supposed to be a few hours turned into more than a day at the airport.

“Yesterday, I was very frustrated and sad,” Torres said.

And then she learned her flight had been cancelled.

“We were delayed three hours,” said Dwayne Barnett.

But that was just the beginning for Barnett, who was flying to Chicago from Toronto.

“They board us on the plane, they deice our plane, then told us we were going to sit for another hour and a half on the plane waiting,” he said.

Flights going in various directions are tied up because of the nor’easter, which is a storm or winds blowing from the northeast.

As for Torres, she found a flight to Philadelphia, and a friend will be making the drive from Albany to pick her up. For anyone keeping track, that’s an eight hour round trip by car for Torres’ friend.

5,400 flights were cancelled around the country on Tuesday.