CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Bruce Rauner is pressuring Chicago officials and Democratic lawmakers to support compromise pension legislation that is again before the General Assembly.

WBBM’s Craig Dellimore reports.

Gov. Rauner told reporters Illinois House Republicans will support legislation changing the state’s pension systems and providing $250 million in pension relief for public schools. The governor offered the deal over a week ago, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel was not impressed then.

“It’s only one year pension funding while the pension reform is permanent, that doesn’t sound to me sound like a full agreement,” he said.

Rauner claimed the Chicago Mayor agreed to his proposed deal last summer.

“Let’s honor our agreements, let’s do what we said and then let’s do more too, but let’s take a step at a time” said the governor.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers said courts ruled a similar measure unconstitutional and that Rauner’s proposal would be as well.