CHICAGO (CBS) — Harvey police said they made a major drug bust Wednesday, after they were tipped off about a YouTube video showing a purported gang member bragging about drugs, guns, and dead dogs.

In the video provided to media by Harvey Police, authorities say 24-year-old gang member Ivory King, also known as “Monk,” boasts about having a gun while on house arrest.

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King also brags about dog fighting, one of the dogs dying during a fight, and the pit bulls on the property.

Police executed a search warrant early Wednesday at 180 W. 158th St. They seized handguns, several rounds of ammunition and several bags of marijuana.

“If individuals want to use social media and conduct criminal activity, I would continue to encourage it,” Harvey Police Deputy Chief Gregory Thomas says. “Thank you.”

Joking aside, Thomas says he was “disgusted” by the brazen online display and took it as a “personal challenge” to respond to the criminal activity.

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Three people were arrested, with charges anticipated, CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

In the YouTube video, King also says a woman at his home is a police dispatcher and a relative and has come to purchase drugs.

Police could not confirm if that information is true.

A bag of what appears to be marijuana is shown in the video. So are multiple men, armed with guns inside a van and wads of cash. King also talks about how he runs the block.

“I guess he’ll have a block now –it starts with ‘cell,’” said Harvey Police Chief Denard Eaves.

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