By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — A west suburban man calls a pet pig part of his business family. But a Batavia ordinance calls into question whether he has any business keeping the pig around.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

Strength and serenity intertwine at the Batavia studio known as “Buddha Ghandi and me.”

Here, the pose downward-facing dog may very well be accompanied by a miniature hog.

About six months ago, owner Greg Brown got a micro mini teacup pig. He brings the eight-month-old, 50-pound pig – named Piggly Brown – to work.

He says he relies on the animal in his battle against depression.

Batavia City Administrator Laura Newman says ordinances don’t allow swine in the downtown; potential fines can be $500. The city has fielded a handful of complaints, such as the pig is off-leash or has eaten vegetation.

The pig allegedly has bitten people, but no complaints have been registered with local police, Newman says.

“I’m not training this animal to be anything other than a really peaceful animal,” Brown says.

Newman says city officials are considering changing the law to accommodate the support swine.

Brown says the pig has been vaccinated, but will follow up with a vet to ease any additional concerns.

The city will meet next month to consider the matter.