(CBS) — A 36-year-old Michigan man is charged with rape after a 27-year-old woman was attacked in a portable toilet at a Portage, Ind. park on Saturday.

Portage Police Chief Troy Williams says the man was hanging around the park. Before the rape, he approached a woman who was in the park with her daughter, he says.

“She was asked if she could give him a jump with his car. So she did, but she found it odd that he pretty much turned the car off after the jump and claimed he was waiting on his wife,” Williams says.

Chief Williams says the man later tried to force his way into a portable toilet that was in use by another woman.

“The door pulled open quickly, strongly. And she screamed. He initially apologized, closed the door.  As she goes to exit, he pushes her back in and pulls out a handgun.”

And Chief Williams says that’s when the rape happened.

He says both the victim and the other woman gave descriptions of the man.

Police put those descriptions out on social media. Williams says the trail of tips led to James Braden of South Haven, Mich., who is now charged.