CHICAGO (CBS) — Lines between denominations are not what they used to be. Not everybody dresses up and sings out of a hymnal every Sunday – or even attends church.

“The right place to be is in relationship with God, and then to be in right relationship not only with God, but with other people on earth and to be in right relationship with all of creation as well,” said Sr. Marcelline Koch, of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield. “I think that’s the right place to be. And how you live that out — it’s going to be different for different people.”

Sr. Marcelline, whose responsibilities include the Sisters’ justice and peace initiatives, led the noon-hour of the Way of the Cross observance in downtown Springfield on Good Friday. Two to three dozen participants took turns carrying the cross to various points downtown, symbolizing the crucifixion, death and resurrection.

Sr. Marcelline answered the question: What would Christ make of Illinois and the nation in 2017? “I think he’d still say, ‘love one another, do good for each other,’ and he’d also say, ‘love your enemies.’ And that’s one of the hardest things we have to do.”

She added that “as ever, these are troubled times.”