By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) – It was no drill Monday afternoon at Lincoln Middle School in Berwyn when a student brought a handgun to school.

“We had to stay really quiet,” student Nahara Contreras says. “After school today that we found out someone had a gun in school.”

School administrators say a parent saw a video on Snapchat of what appeared to be a student at the school with a gun. The school was alerted, and police placed the students on a hard lockdown until the gun was found.

Parent Daniel Lopez says he received a text alert about the incident from the school about two hours after police were called.

“Kind of worries me,” he says. “I’ve been living here 14 years, and I’ve never heard of anything like that.”

Four students were brought to the Berwyn Police Department for questioning.

The superintendent says all four students have been suspended. Further discipline is possible.

Further details were not available.


Charlie De Mar