CHICAGO (CBS) — The Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour is back in Chicago.

Two-hundred-forty-four of the world’s finest wineries from 16 countries will be pouring their best bottles.

“Each one will present one wine and all the wines have scored outstanding or 90 points or higher in Wine Spectator’s blind tastings,” said Tom Matthews, Executive Editor, Wine Spectator Magazine.

Matthews said people are drinking wine more than ever.

“Millennials are great wine drinkers and I think it’s because their parents were the first to integrate wine into an American lifestyle. Now it’s just part of everybody’s world. Every restaurant has a great wine list, people travel and vacation to wine regions and there’s a lot more interest in this fascinating subject,” he said.

244 of the world’s finest wineries from 16 countries will be pouring their best bottles. (Credit: Facebook/Wine Spectator)

The Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour gives patrons a chance to meet top winemakers and estate owners from around the globe. Matthews said the event is a good way to learn about wine.

“It’s one thing to read about and you have to learn the facts and it’s another thing to have a nice bottle at a restaurant, but when you can actually compare different wines from the same region, or different grape varieties in different regions, you really understand your pallet a lot better,” he said.

Matthews said the wine industry is flourishing and all 50 states produce it. Smaller wineries are popping up all across the country.

A team of sommeliers checks each bottle of wine before it’s approved for service at each seminar. (Credit: Facebook/Wine Spectator)

“In the Midwest, Michigan is the leader with Riesling and Sparking wines. California still makes 70 percent of the wine drunk in America. Smaller regions like New York state, Virginia, Texas and Michigan are really moving forward in quality,” he said.

The latest trend, he said, is Rosé.

“Rosé has become huge. It’s unbelievable. From a scorned, red-headed step child a few years ago, to something everyone is drinking all year around. It’s lead from the Rosés from Provence, in Southern France but we’ve seen them from Italy, from Spain and from Southern California. They go with everything and they are fun to drink.”

The 2015 souvenir tasting book lists all the participating wineries and the wines they poured, with accompanying label images. (Credit: Facebook/Wine Spectator)

A portion of net proceeds from the event benefits the Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation, which supports scholarships and grants to students pursuing careers in the wine industry. The Wine Spectator Grand Tour is at Navy Pier, May 9, 7-9 p.m.

Tickets are $295 and can be purchased here.