(CBS) — It’s a happy hour with a purpose: One hundred or so Chicago men take a couple of hours a few times a year to meet, mingle and make a difference.

Three special guests each make a pitch for their respective charitable organization.

Before the night is over, each man will write a check for $100. The collective sum, about $10,000, equals a big impact for a small or mid-size charity, without a lot of fuss.

Mike McNeily, a financial advisor from Western Springs, started the Chicago area chapter of “100 Men Who Give A Damn” after seeing a Facebook post describing the simple strategy.

“I understand how much work goes into doing a gala or a golf outing to raise funds,” he says.

One recent winner, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, will use its prize to send kids to camp in Minnesota this summer. They are kids who have dealt with hardships and challenges.

“It’s an opportunity to get kids who really have never been outside of the city out into the woods just to enjoy the peace and quiet,” the organization’s Joe Wronka, vice president of advancement, says.

After about 15 minutes of pitches, there is a caucus, and a vote. Inner City Education wins the big check.

The 100 men are once again showing what it means to give a damn.

“You want to leave the world better than how you got it, right?” Jeremy Walton says.

“100 Men” hopes to grow to 200 hundred members and then will split into two groups. They figure there are plenty of organizations that will need the financial help.

Go to the local chapter’s website to learn more.