CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel is expressing high hopes for legislation in Springfield that takes a step towards resolving Illinois’ long-term school funding problems.

At a South Side school Mayor Emanuel said he is pushing for a passage of a bill now before the Illinois House that would fairly, he said, change the way education money is distributed across the state. And yes, Chicago would benefit, but so would many other districts.

“I think they have worked through the issues so everybody moves forward,” Mayor Emanuel said. “And most importantly, the school districts that focus and have a concentration of poor kids get the assistance they need financially. Now we are not asking, money does not solve the problems alone, but without it you can’t make gains.”

Still the Mayor would not predict the measure would make it to the Governor’s desk.

“I’m not going to answer a question, predicting a vote because I know enough about how votes happen. I want to get back, what I do want to do is to get away from this podium and get on the phone,” Mayor Emanuel said.

And he left soon afterwards.