(CBS) — In just the past year, the number of teen drivers involved in deadly crashed increased by more than 10 percent.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole has a look at what’s behind the alarming trend and how to put it in reverse.

At age 16, Laila Gardiner has taken a student driving class and abides by her own rules of the road.

“No texting and no driving,” she says.

She adds: “You can play music because I like my music, but you shouldn’t have it loud enough so it distracts you.”

Unfortunately, not all teens are off to Laila’s good start. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found drivers aged 16 to 17 are three times more likely than adults to be involved in a deadly crash.  The statistic taking on more meaning with school out of session.

“Unfortunately, summer is known as the ‘hundred deadliest days’ for teen drivers,” Beth Mosher says.

The study found that distraction — from texting or listening to loud music — accounts for 6 out of 10 teen crashes. Also, 60 percent of teen drivers killed in a crash were not wearing a seatbelt. Speeding was a factor in nearly 30 percent of fatal crashes.

“We know from our research that parents modeling good driving behavior is so important,” Mosher says.

Laila welcomes the responsibilities that comes with driving.  She says her skills even pass the test with her 12-year-old sister.

“She’s my road dog; she’s always driving with me,” she says.