(CBS) — Despite a big push by law enforcement and 9-1-1 employees for Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign a 9-1-1 funding bill, the governor’s office says there are “serious concerns.”

Funding and upgrading 9-1-1 centers isn’t the only thing the bill would do.

Inside that bill that passed the Illinois General Assembly is a provision to pave the way for the tax on cell phones and land lines in Chicago to go up more than 28 percent, to cover payments to a Chicago city pension fund.

Outside Chicago, the phone line surcharge would go from 87 cents a line to $1.50.

Among those trying to get the governor to sign the bill: Brent Reynolds, president of the Illinois Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

“He’s been very supportive of 9-1-1 in the past. We are concerned with some of the politics that are going on between Chicago and Springfield,” he says.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Rauner says “the governor is reviewing the bill but has serious concerns about raising fees on taxpayers across the state.”