(CBS) — A new twist in U.S.-Cuba relations: President Trump cancels the Obama administration’s Cuba policy and announces his own.

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez watched the president’s speech with some Cuban-Americans who are applauding the change.

“I think it’s a great day,” Eddie Ameneiro said at 90 Miles Cuban Café.

It’s a great day for him because the president’s policy reinstates sanctions against Cuba.

“It’s going to stop them from getting American money,” he says.

Ameneiro also welcomes the crackdown on American travel to the island.

“Everybody likes to go to Cuba. It’s a beautiful place, but they’re supporting the communists,” he says.

Elias R. Sanchez and Armando Cuesta are also applauding the new policy, which calls on the Cuban government to release all political prisoners and legalize all political parties. It also calls for internationally supervised elections.

The changes won’t go into effect immediately. New regulations won’t be issued for roughly 30 days, and the process will take longer than that, senior administration officials said.

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