CHICAGO (CBS) — City inspectors shut down four nightclubs in the busy Division Street district, ahead of the busy Independence Day weekend.

The four clubs at State and Division streets — Detention, Room Seven, Primary Night Club, and Palette — were forcibly closed over multiple building code violations.

Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said he asked that the four clubs be shut down, in particular because of a January shooting that left three people wounded, including a Cook County sheriff’s deputy working security at one of the clubs.

“The poor conduct and operations of these establishments had to be addressed. After the January 30, 2017 shooting of an off-duty Cook County Sheriff’s courts deputy, numerous community complaints, and repeated gang-related incidents, action had to be taken,” Hopkins said in an email.

Three of those clubs share the same building at 9 W. Division St.

Detention was shut down due to electrical issues throughought the club. The club had been offering free dance lessons on Thursday, but it was not clear if that would happen.

Right next door to the east, Room Seven was shuttered due to fire separation and structural issues.

Another door down, fire separation problems, structural issues, and electrical deficiencies forced the closure of Primary Night Club.

All three clubs in that building failed their annual amusement inspection earlier this year.

Around the corner, Palette, at 1204 N. State St., was closed due to electrical and structural issues. The club has only been open since March. It formerly was called Tip Top Inn.

“It’s kind of sad, living in this neighborhood, that all the places that we kind of go to and have fun at are closing; but it gets very crazy over here during the weekend, so I could see that something could happen,” neighborhood resident Jordan Risberg-Mogck said.

The owner of nearby Butch Maguire’s bar said he’s glad the clubs have been closed, because he said they’ve been a magnet for late night violence.

“When the neighbors get upset, because there’s a fight in front of Room Seven, they lump us all together, even though we’re trying to be good neighbors, and they don’t care,” Bobby McGuire said.

Buildings Department spokeswoman Mimi Simon said the city will work with the clubs to make sure the necessary repairs are made.

It was not immediately clear how soon the clubs would be allowed to reopen.