CHICAGO (CBS) – Evanston residents rallied Friday morning ahead of a city council meeting to discuss opting out of the Cook County ordinance that raises the minimum wage and secure sick leave for workers.

Critics of the ordinance say raising the minimum wage would hurt businesses and drive some out of town.
Evanston business owner, David Borris disagrees.

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“Oh my friend has a business and he can’t afford to pay someone $10 an hour, I would ask them – ask your friend to reexamine his business model because maybe he shouldn’t be in business, if that’s what it takes,” Borris said.

So does Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who was among those gathered outside the Evanston Civic Center to protest the possible opt out. The 45-year resident of Evanston said workers cannot live making $8.24 an hour and called on her alderman to do the right thing.

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“How often do people in towns get to make a decision that will significantly increase, not enough but significantly increase the livelihoods and lives of their residents. Why pass up, I would say to our alderman, that great opportunity?” Schakowsky said.

The meeting comes just one day before Evanston’s minimum wage was set to increase to $10 an hour.

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WBBM was told that the discussion will be long and the decision will not be made until later Friday. Check back for updates.