CHICAGO (CBS) — Northwestern University has become the first Midwest university to offer multi-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms.

Single stall bathrooms are located at the Evanston (five) and the downtown campus has the multi-stall bathroom.

Dr. Francesca Gaiba, research associate professor of Medical Social Sciences at NU, said the university is a “trailblazer in supporting civil and health equity. We hope to inspire other universities to do the same.”

Here is a list of the all-gender bathrooms:

(Single stall)
University Hall, 1897 Sheridan Rd
Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive
The Black House, 1914 Sheridan Rd
Multicultural Center, 1936 Sheridan Rd
Lunt Hall, 2033 Sheridan Rd


Institute For Sexual And Gender Minorities Health and Well-Being, 625 N. Michigan Ave, 14th Floor

Northwestern joins about 150 universities in the nation with similar bathrooms.

Gaiba told the Chicago Sun-Times that she understands the apprehension for some people, admitting she was “taken aback” the first time she walked into a bathroom to find a man washing his hands.

“But it took me about two seconds to get over,” she told the paper.