CHICAGO (CBS) — This is a busy weekend for veterinarians.

“July 3rd in the evening is the wrong time to find out that you need to get something for your pets,” said Dr. David Gonsky, medical director at West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago.

The sound of exploding fireworks can trigger severe anxiety in dogs and cats. Dr. Gonsky says pets should be allowed to seek shelter in a quiet room in the house.

“Allow them to go under the bed, hide in the closet, go to a bathroom, whatever place they feel comfortable — that’s going to be the best place for your pet.”

You can also find a way to drown out the noise.

“Soft music, a TV, or even a box fan to some white noise,” Dr. Gonsky said.

If your pet is showing signs of anxious behavior, be sure to consult your vet, who may recommend a Thundershirt or prescribe anxiety medication.

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