(CBS) — A Southeast Side woman is celebrating her 60th anniversary in a sweet job.

For the past 60 years, Mattie Witt has seen a lot of one thing: “Butterfinger Candy Bar.”

Mattie Witt marks 60 years in the candy business. (courtesy: Nestle Franklin Park Employees)

Her job at the Nestle plant in Franklin Park: enrober operator.

“And I make sure that when the candy comes from one (conveyor) belt to another belt to make sure it’s covered with chocolate,” she explains.

WBBM: Do you ever get tired of looking at the candy?

“No, no, no, no. No.”

WBBM: Do you like Butterfingers to eat?

“Yes, I eat them all day,” she says. “I eat them every day because part of my job is to sample them to see how they taste, to see if they’re hard or soft.”

Mattie Witt is 78 years old. She started at the candy company when she was 18.

And she says she has no plans to retire.

Mattie Witt is feted by Nestle candy bars. (courtesy: Nestle Franklin Park Employees)