CHICAGO (CBS) — A community activist wants to know why it is taking so long to solve the deaths of four youngsters in the past two months.

Activist Andrew Holmes stood in front of the burned out home in Markham, in which firefighters found the remains of a one-year-old girl in a plastic bag.

That occurred weeks after a similar discovery in Dolton, where another baby’s body was found in a plastic bag in a shed.

There is also a four-year-old, who was shot in the head in East Chicago, as well as Semaj Crosby, whose body was stuffed beneath the couch in a house that has since burned.

Holmes says the cases are not complete mysteries, especially Crosby’s. “There’s a public outcry for someone to come forward.”

Holmes says people are prepared to pay funeral expenses for the girl in the Markham case if she can be identified.