CHICAGO (CBS) – A demoted Chicago police commander who was acquitted of charges that he shoved a gun down the throat of a suspect is suing the city.

Glen Evans, who was demoted from commander to lieutenant and put on desk duty, claims he is being discriminated against because he is black. His suit seeks reinstatement as commander and compensation.

Evans earlier sued the Independent Police Review Authority alleging he was set up for criminal charges, and said this at the time: “I cannot and will not allow them, or anybody else, to falsely and/or maliciously malign my character by portraying me as one that engages in wanton or willful misconduct.

“I will stand up to fight for myself, when I am wronged. This is one of those times.”

A federal judge tossed that lawsuit out.

Evans was found not guilty of aggravated battery in December 2015. But when he returned to work, he was demoted and alleges he was pressured to retire and threatened with new investigations and possible prosecution.

Evans has his supporters, who have said as a commander he was tough on crime and effective. He also has detractors who say they have been on the receiving end of his abrasiveness.

Again, in the lawsuit, Evans is seeking to be reinstated to his position as commander, and compensation for lost wages, as well as punitive damages.