(CBS) — It’s not just homeowners. Businesses suffered from flooding, too.

At one dealership in Highland Park, rising waters effectively destroyed more than 100 vehicles worth millions of dollars.

CBS 2’S Dorothy Tucker reports on the losses and has a warning to future car buyers.

Marty Price, owner of Highland Park Ford Lincoln, lists the damaged autos: “Seventy-seven new cars, 48 used cars, 20 customer cars, 10 lease returns and one loaner … They all got  wet.”

stangs Flood Water Seeps Into Dealerships Cars

A Ford dealership in Highland Park was inundated with flood water. (courtesy: Bob Lee)

They got wet in up to 8 feet of water that covered much of the dealership this week, seeping into interiors.

The estimated $5 million in losses is covered by insurance but is still a unpleasant sight for Joe Bresloff, who came to pick up his recently repaired 2015 Lincoln.

Dealers at the business say none of the damaged cars will be sold. But because some car sellers may not be as honest, General Manager Bob Lee offers a few tips to make sure you don’t buy a flood-damaged car from someone else.

“Look at the bottom of the doors and make sure there’s no rust coming through down there,” he says.

Lee says if water reaches the door it can destroy electrical wiring and computer systems, leading to problems down the road.

Also check for rust under the tire, around the rim and the sides of the latch.

One more tip. Do your homework. Check the vehicle’s history online before you buy.

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