(CBS) Any move the Cubs make ahead of the non-waiver trade deadline Monday afternoon is likely to be “smaller in stature,” general manager Jed Hoyer said in an interview on 670 The Score on Thursday afternoon.

The Cubs acquired left-hander Jose Quintana from the White Sox over the All-Star break. While the Cubs continue to monitor Tigers right-hander Justin Verlander and some other high-profile pitchers, it sounds like any additional moves will come at the fringes of the roster.

“We said this when we acquired Quintana and we’ll say it again: That was obviously our priority, going out and finding a really talent, controllable starting pitcher,” Hoyer said. “We gave up a lot to get it, as we have to. The incredible likelihood is that’s our big move. It should be our big move.

“I do think there’s a tendency to forget about what happened two weeks ago. That was our significant move, and now we’re active, but I think the moves that we’re going to make will be smaller in stature.”

Hoyer confirmed the Cubs continue to search for a veteran catcher. Asked whether four was a reasonable number of catchers they’ve inquired about, Hoyer responded, “about right, maybe a hair low.” The Cubs remain interested in Tigers catcher Alex Avila, and they’ve also been tied to A.J. Ellis of the Marlins.

“We made our big transaction,” Hoyer said. “We’re looking to round out the team. There will be moments in the future to acquire talent as well.”

Listen to Hoyer’s full interview below.