CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police were asking for help identifying five suspects in a brazen carjacking in broad daylight in the Bucktown neighborhood.

Around 6:15 p.m. Friday, a 38-year-old man was coming home from work, and parked his car on the 1700 block of North Winnebago Avenue. Police said, within seconds, an armed man in a gray hoodie rushed up to him. Four others quickly joined in, surrounding the victim and the car.

“They came from different areas. They came from down the street, up the street, across the street,” said Jeffrey Booze, who witnessed it all.

The victim didn’t appear to put up a fight as the group piled into his car and drove off.

“He has children of his own, and his wife was really disturbed by the whole thing,” neighbor Sara Posternack said.

The attack was recorded by the security cameras on a nearby condo building.

The attack rattled neighbrors like Booze.

“It’s shocking. It just happened so quickly,” he said.

Bucktown Community Organization president Steve Jensen said a lot of neighbors were upset at the brazenness of the attack, and he worries about crimes like this creeping into the neighborhood.

“We’re not going to make an excuse that it comes with city living, and we shouldn’t have to put up with that on any block in this city,” he said.

The victim of the carjacking was not injured. Police said, if you recognize anyone in the surveillance video, you should call Area North detectives at 312-747-8380.